The Engine Companies’ Guide to Winning Seminar – Oswego, IL


Instructor: Steve Robertson

Date: October 23, 2018

Time: 9am-5pm

Location: Oswego Fire Protection District
3511 Wooley Rd
Oswego, Illinois 60543

Investment: $125

AM Session
Stretching for Success:

What puts out fires? It’s still water. This class is about engine company priorities and tactics. Topics covered are selecting and placing the first handline in service properly (a priority); apparatus placement, line selection, matching the proper nozzle to the proper line, and line placement.  Overcoming difficult stretches, vertical stretches, and short-staffed stretching are also covered. In this ever-evolving modern fire environment, special emphasis must be on selecting and placing the first line correctly. We must put ourselves in a position to stretch for success.

The students will be exposed to key aspects of stretching and placing handlines to win the fight. The class will also cover multiple aspects of the stretch including apparatus placement, line selection, matching the proper nozzle to the proper line and line placement . Additionally, overcoming difficult stretches, vertical stretches and short staffed stretching will be discussed.

PM Session
We Win With Water!!!!

This program is designed for anyone from command staff to a line firefighter. The class will cover essential aspects of Engine Company Operations, such as size-up, job assignments, and managing the initial attack line. Additional topics to be discussed are overcoming difficult stretches, using the reach of your stream inside structures, and options for limited manpower situations. The class will cover drills which can be used to become proficient in engine company operations.

The students shall be exposed to aspects of “go” and “no-go” situations. During “go” situations, students will be given critical knowledge of what it takes to win the fight. Starting with positioning of the apparatus, size-up, and line selection. A special emphasis will be placed on the pace of the attack, water flow while advancing, and using the reach of your stream inside the structure. Additionally, overcoming difficult stretches and dealing with knee wall fires will be discussed. The fire service continues to have close calls and LODD’S due to rapid fire growth. Within the modern fire environment we must throw more water than BTU’S being produced. Whether it’s interior or a transitional attack, bottom line….WATER WINS!!

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