Courage Under Fire – Fire Officer Lessons Learned After Getting The Badge! – Carol Stream, IL



Instructor: Deputy Chief Steve Prziborowski, Santa Clara County Fire Department

Date: March 1, 2018

Location: Carol Stream Fire District Station 28

Investment: $125

Do you have what it takes to be a great company officer in the year 2018 and more importantly beyond? It’s one thing to be an adequate company officer. It’s another thing to be a great company officer. The fire service has enough company officers who are just slot fillers and just call it in every day or do the bare minimum to get by each shift, and/or are retired in place (RIP). When I say great company officer, I envision someone who is willing to not settle for incompetence, mediocrity, or inappropriate behavior, and is willing to not be his or her crew’s best friend every minute of the day. A great company officer is a leader, a boss, a supervisor, and as some say, a designated adult when needed. Not a day goes by where something inappropriate or unethical makes social media and/or the Internet, and reflects negatively on the fire service, especially since it happened on duty and many times, at the fire station! Drinking on the job; prostitutes in the fire station; dealing drugs out of the station. The list goes on. What’s the common denominator? The lack of leadership at the fire station level!

As a fire officer in today’s fire service, you must possess courage under fire and continuously aspire to be the best officer you can be. The saying, “If I only knew then what I knew now” is the focus of this session. Current topics affecting the nationwide fire service, as well as personal lessons learned (some the hard way), will be shared and discussed. Attendees, regardless of rank or the type of department they serve at, will leave with numerous tips for leadership success.

Topics to be shared and discussed include but are not limited to:

· Successfully transitioning from Firefighter to Company Officer: Here’s the badge, don’t screw it up!

· Leadership doesn’t start at the top – it starts with the Company Officer!

· The top ten contributing factors to Line Of Duty Deaths

· 10 commandments of a great company officer

· 10 more commandments of a great company officer

· Establishing personnel expectations and holding personnel accountable

Organizations around the Country, not just fire departments, are struggling for quality leadership at all ranks. Unfortunately, many fire companies and even departments are being led by a fire officer who chooses to be more of a buddy than a boss when needed, or is not prepared to serve in the position they are filling. In addition to sharing my suggestions for success, I will try to encourage those in attendance to share their suggestions as well, so that attendees can learn from as many others as possible, and so they can be better prepared for the future.

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There will be a $25 cancellation fee on all cancellations made more that 10 days prior to the conference unless you would like to receive a full credit for future conferences or seminars. We do not offer refunds for cancellations made within 10 days of the start of the conference or seminar. However, we will offer full credit to a future conference or seminar.

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