Remembering Lt. Andy Fredericks By Brett Graves

It’s hard to believe that it’s been 15 years since 343 members of the FDNY lost their lives trying to save the lives of scores of people at the World Trade Center. Among them was Andy Fredericks assigned to Squad 18.


I never had the honor of personally meeting Andy, but just prior to 9/11 had just discovered his writings and became hooked on his message. I read every article he wrote and watched his videos from Fire Engineering’s Bread and Butter Series dozens of times. Andy is the inspiration behind the FTR Engine Company Operations class we conduct annually in Carol Stream, IL. Every instructor we have for this class had a connection to Andy.

If you have not heard of Andy Fredericks I suggest you learn who he was and read his articles! You will be a better firefighter for it!  Start by clicking here >>> A TRIBUTE TO THE WORK OF ANDY FREDERICKS (Compiled by Gary Lane) found on the Nozzle Forward website. Become one of Andy’s Ambassadors and keep his message alive!

Andy, thank you for your contributions to the fire service! Your message has touched and connected so many of us. You are a true example to leaving the job a little better for the next guy! RIP Brother.

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